Welcome to Little Seaside Town – Explore, Play and Learn


Little Seaside Town is a new and exciting entertainment centre for children and families, unlike traditional soft play centres, Little Seaside Town promotes imaginative role play in a stimulating play “town” environment. Little Seaside Town is a new concept of role play, providing a realistic but scaled down version of a town for young children to play in and to explore safely.

Each themed set at Little Seaside Town is full of play props, costumes and toys to encourage children to explore and make believe. Everything at Little Seaside Town has been carefully designed to be as realistic as possible, so the children can experience and act out real life scenarios.

At Little Seaside Town, we feel it is important that grown ups are able to relax and enjoy the play experience to! Parents/carers will be expected to stay during all sessions and will have responsibility for supervising their children. Parents and carers are welcomed to join in with their children’s imaginative play, as well as being able to relax in a comfortable environment, with a cup of coffee, watching their little people have fun!

Little Seaside Town offers 2 hour play sessions 9.30am-11.30am, 12.30-2.30pm and 3.30pm-5.30pm

Birthday parties can be held in any of the above time slots- further information under Parties and Group Bookings tab- to book please call 01843 838079

Café facilities can be used by customers for up to 30 minutes before or after their play session starts/ends.

Each session has a limited capacity- to prevent the play area/café from becoming to busy and to aid with social distancing. Covid-19 management plan under continuous review.