Covid-19 Management Plan

Little Seaside Town is extremely excited to be opening! We have been working hard to ensure that we are a Covid-19 safe play area and have been putting the necessary measures in place to keep our future customers safe. Please read below information which explains our measures to keep everyone safe at Little Seaside Town.

  1. Increased cleaning-Cleaning will take place before, during and after all sessions. Sessions have been reduced from 2.5 hours to 2 hours. This allows all staff members 1 hour of cleaning between sessions. High frequency touch points and props will be cleaned by staff throughout sessions.
  2. At the end of each working day, a thorough deep clean will take place by all staff members. In addition to this an antibacterial fogging device will be used daily,which works by expelling a fine mist into the atmosphere, this settles on all surfaces, including those hard to reach by conventional cleaning methods. This spray is designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria.
  3. Toy cleaning box-a box will be provided for any props that have been placed near a child’s face/mouth, parents are encouraged to place all used toys in this box for staff to wash and sanitise before returning for next usage.
  4. Upon opening,the number of props will be reduced.Props will berotated after thorough cleaning.We have purchased props in duplicate to assist with our cleaning schedule.
  5. Reduced capacity in play sessions-our sessions have been reduced by more than 50% and adult capacity will also be taken into account to aid social distancing.
  6. Play sessions will need to be booked in advance by using our user-friendly online booking calendar.
  7. Social distance markers will be in place and displayed around the centre.
  8. Café-tables have been spaced and the menu reduced for our opening period.
  9. All adults must wear face coverings whilst in the play area. Face coverings can be removed whilst food and drink are being consumed within the cafe. We ask that adults wear their masks whilst ordering food from our café.
  10. Staff uniform-staff will be wearing clean uniform every day, PPE to be worn when handling cleaning products, staff to wear face shields at all times whilst working.
  11. Hand washing and sanitising. All customers will be expected to use our hand sanitiser on arrival and frequently during their visit. Customers are invited to use their own hand sanitisers in the case of skin sensitivity; however, this must be witnessed by a staff member to gain entry. Information on effective hand washingwill be clearly displayed within bathrooms.
  12. We ask that parents assist with social distancing by closely supervising their own children and encouraging them to keep their distance from others that are not within their social bubble.
  13. We will encourage parents to use sets that are less busy to avoid overcrowding and suggest no more than 4 persons within a set, and no more than 2 households maintaining 1-2 metres social distancing.We have 12 large sets, with reduced numbers this will manageable. Staff will be present to assist.
  14. Parties – unfortunately we are unable to take party bookings at this time. Exceptions can be made for small gatherings of people from the same social bubble/households. Please discuss with a member of our team.
  15. Ventilation-new ventilation fans have been installed to aid air flow within the building. Ventilation systems will run 24 hours a day.
  16. Covid-19 guidelines will be displayed within the centre and customers will be expected to adhere to all signage. Staff will be happy to explain any of our Covid-19 management plan to customers.
  17. Customers feeling ill, showing signs of the virus or living in the same household as someone with the virus, should not be visiting the centre and should postpone their visit by speaking to a member of staff.

Thank you.

Little Seaside Town Team