What is the suitable age range?
Although we have not set a specific age range, we would suggest from walking/toddling till age 8 approx. Although, we welcome any children who enjoy role play. We appreciate that every child is unique, with some enjoying role play much later on than others. We have had feedback from local children up to age 12, who loved playing within our town- we have also had feedback from a local mum who said “we came for the younger children, but I just wanted to thank you for providing an environment for my older daughter (10) to enjoy play to! It is the first time I’ve seen her really play for a long time!”

Do I need to book in advance?
To avoid disappointment during our busier times, we would recommend booking in advance. For last minute visits, we advise checking our online booking forms for availability or calling in advance. Walk ins are welcome at the start of sessions, however, online bookings will take priority and we can not guarantee availability. PLEASE NOTE COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS IN PLACE- Limited capacity.

Can I bring my own food? What food is offered?
No, we serve an array of hot and cold food and drinks and ask that customers do not consume their own food on site, with the exception of weaning babies. Our full menu will be available online in the near future. For specific allergy advice please speak to a member of staff at Dee’s café.

Can I take photos?
Absolutely! We welcome parents and carers to take photos however, we ask that other children are not captured. Photos are to be for personal use only. Personal photos are welcome on Little Seaside Town’s social media sites, but please ensure that these do not include other children. Little Seaside will not take any photos without prior written consent from carers/parents.

Do you have facilities for wheelchair users and children with additional needs?
At Little Seaside Town, we aim to be inclusive of all children and their families, our themed areas have been designed to allow wheelchairs and walking aids in most areas. Our premises is ground floor. We have facilities for baby changing and a larger accessible toilet, however this may not be accessible for all adult wheelchair sizes. Please feel free to call to discuss any specific requirements, our team is happy to assist with any additional needs.

Why do you have play sessions rather than open play?
Our timed sessions ensure that staff are able to tidy, reorganise and clean the play town and facilities throughout the day. This means that every child is able to experience the town in its true form, with all props in place. The capacity restriction also allows for a calmer play environment, which enhances children’s imaginative play experience. We also find that this is more comfortable for adults and children who find traditional soft play areas too loud/chaotic! Please note changes to play sessions due to Covid-19.