Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions before purchasing a ticket or booking a party at Little Seaside Town ltd.

1. Booking and tickets

1.1. All children playing at Little Seaside Town will require a ticket, either purchased in advance on our website booking system, (or upon entry when sessions have availability).

1.2. All adults will be required to purchase a ticket.

1.3. Tickets permit entry to Little Seaside Town only; food and beverages will be at an additional cost.

1.4. If purchasing multiple tickets, the person booking will be responsible for sharing Little Seaside Town’s terms and conditions and rules of play with every visitor within their party.

1.5. Spaces are limited in sessions and only those with a valid ticket will be allowed entry- door admissions will be allowed if there is availability.

1.6. Priority entry is given to customers with pre-booked tickets. If sessions are fully booked, additional customers will be refused entry to ensure sessions are not overcrowded.

1.7. When tickets are purchased online, the customer will receive an email containing their session information, date, time and number of tickets purchased. Customers must ensure that details are correct and bring this email as proof of purchase to gain entry.

1.8. Tickets purchased online will be non-refundable. In exceptional circumstances, Little Seaside Town will work with customers to change the date/time of a booked session, when 24 hours advance notice is given.

1.9. Ticket prices may change, this will be clearly displayed on our website and booking system

1.10 Non walking infants will be charged at a cheaper rate- please see times and prices for up to date information.

2. Session times and prices

2.1. Little Seaside Town runs sets play sessions/times. It is the customers responsibility to arrive to play sessions on time. Late entry will be permitted, however, all children and accompanying adults will be expected to leave the play area at the end of the session. Refunds will not be offered for missed sessions. The café will remain open for customer use following sessions.

2.2 Due to unforeseen circumstances, it may be necessary for Little Seaside Town to close, we endeavour to inform all customers as soon as possible, and tickets can be rebooked at another time.

2.3. In the event of venue closure due to Covid-19, customers will be given the option to move their booking forward, receive a voucher to the booking value or receive a refund minus 30% to cover banking fees.

2.4. At least 24 hours notice is required to change a booking- tickets are non-refundable, but can be exchanged for a different date with 24hours notice. Please contact staff by email or phone call to rearrange.

3. Rules of entry

3.1. All children must always be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult (18 years or over) . Little Seaside Town does not take responsibility for the supervision of children.

3.2. All customers must adhere to Little Seaside Town’s terms and conditions and rules of play which can be found on our website and around the premises. Any customer causing wilful damage to any fixtures or props will be liable for the cost of damage. Any customers who do not abide by rules, will be asked to leave the premises without refund.

3.3. Little Seaside Town staff will not tolerate any threatening or anti-social behaviours. Abusive language, bullying and physical/verbal aggression will not be tolerated under any circumstances an guilty persons will be asked to leave, without refund, under management discretion.

3.4. Outside food and drink is not permitted within Little Seaside Town.

3.5. No food or drink, hot or cold to be taken into the play area. No chewing gum permitted within the play area.

3.6. To prevent the spread of infection, we ask that customers, both children and adults, do not attend Little Seaside Town when they are unwell with sickness and/or diarrhoea, or any other contagious illness. Separate information available for Covid-19 management- customers displaying Covid-19 symptoms must not attend. Tickets will not be refunded, however sessions can be rescheduled if 24 hour notice is provided ahead of session start time.

3.7. No animals are permitted at Little Seaside Town, except assistance animals.

3.8.No smoking is permitted anywhere at Little Seaside Town, including the use of electronic smoking devices.

4. Photography

4.1. Little Seaside Town will not take photos of any children on the premises without prior written consent from the guardian, photos will not be shared of any child on social media or our website without written consent.

4.2 We allow photos to be taken within Little Seaside Town but ask parents and guardians to be careful not to take photos of other children.

4.3 Little Seaside Town cannot be held responsible for photos posted onto social media by other customers, containing images of themselves or children, when prior consent has not been obtained.

5. Safety and security

5.1. CCTV is used for security purposes during opening hours and overnight, this is to protect the building and its assets, to reduce crime and to assist in identifying perpetrators of crime (for security purposes only).

5.2. Little Seaside Town does not take responsibility for the personal property of customers.

5.3. Items left within the buggy store area are the responsibility of the customer, Little Seaside Town will not accept responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items.

5.4. The play props and environment at Little Seaside Town have been selected and adapted to ensure that they are safe for children to play with, however, if any prop or fixing is found by a customer to be unsafe or damaged it must be reported immediately to staff who will remove from the area.

5.5. Our props have been designed to be as realistic as possible, to allow children to make believe and role play. Our props are for play use only and we would like to remind parents to ensure children are unable to mimic such play with similar unsafe items at home.

5.6. Little Seaside Town has carefully selected props that have been assessed as safe for child play, please be aware, that some toys have a recommended age of 36months plus, younger infants will therefore need to be closely supervised by their parent/guardian.