Year R Getting to know you sessions

The return of our Little Seaside “Year R- Getting to know you” sessions, 2023!

With school allocations now out, we are sure there are many mixed emotions about starting big school this year – excited, happy, and anxious, to name just a few!

Why not come along to one of our dedicated “getting to know you” sessions for the opportunity to meet other little ones and parents from your schools Year R intake! Everything is better with friends – so start to sew the seeds of friendships before the school year begins!

Please share within School Facebook groups/WhatsApp chats to help spread the word – we would love to see the start of some long-lasting friendships!

If you can’t see your school on the list, don’t worry, (we have saved some dates), simply send us an email, and we will work with you to arrange some additional sessions. Above is our “phase 1 & 2” of getting to know you sessions, more dates, and schools to be added by request.

These sessions are not associated with any school transition programmes. They have been designed to provide a neutral fun play environment away from school for those who wish to attend. Booking now open, tickets can be purchased at