Privacy Policy

Little Seaside Town is committed to protecting your personal information and being transparent about the information we hold. All personal data both paper and electronic, will be handled in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to give you a clear explanation of how Little Seaside Town collects and uses the personal information (or personal data) you provide to us, whether online, via phone, email, in letters or in any other correspondence or from third parties.

When making a booking with Little Seaside Town or signing up to our News Letter, the customer will give consent for personal information to be collected and will read and tick to agree to Little Seaside Town’s privacy policy.

Personal data collected

Little Seaside Town will ask for the following personal data upon booking, 1. name of person making booking, 2. postcode of person booking, 3. contact telephone number and 4. email address of person booking. Little Seaside Town will not request personal information regarding children however, when making a birthday party booking, it will be the carers choice whether they would like to provide the party child’s first name and age in order for Little Seaside Town to personalise the party to their child.

Payment information

Little Seaside Town does not hold card or payment information. All online transactions are made using Barclaycard payment gateway. Payments will be re-directed from Little Seaside Town’s website for transactions to take place on a separate and secure site. Please read Barclaycards privacy policy for further information.

Purpose of collating personal information

Personal information is collected by Little Seaside Town to enable us to provide a high-quality service to our customers. Personal data will be used to create bookings, send booking confirmations, to allow staff to make a session register of attendees and to ensure that visitor capacity limits are maintained. Personal information can also be used to contact customers to discuss any changes to bookings or request additional information that may be required for a reservation. Personal information can also be used for marketing research to develop a better understanding of our visitors, allowing us to determine our customer demographics and better understand our customer preferences. Customers may wish to sign up to our newsletter,  however it is their right to unsubscribe to this at any point and their data will be removed from our mailing system.

Little Seaside Town supports the Government and NHS test and trace scheme- information collated during booking can therefore be obtained for purposes relating to Test and Trace- please see link below.

Customers will be asked to use the scan NHS track and trace upon arrival when entering Little Seaside- any customers who do not wish to scan or are unable to scan will be required to check that personal details are recorded correctly for the purpose of Covid-19 track and trace.

Further privacy information

We regularly review and make improvements to this Policy to ensure that transparency is at the core of what we do and that we are adhering to best practice.

We ensure that we use your personal information in accordance with the law. Information will only be used for the purposes stated above. Information will not be passed on the third parties unless legally required in the case of criminal activity.

At any time, persons can request that all personal information held about them is removed from our system. Staff will endeavour to remove information as soon as practically possible in such circumstances.

If you have any queries about this privacy policy please contact Little Seaside Town on 01843 838079 or email: